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Mr. Henderson was a team staff member from 2006 until his passing in 2017.  He embodied total dedication and commitment to the Fury during those years.  He always went over and beyond to help in anyway possible whether it was donating his own money or driving us to games out of town.  He treated the players and staff members as if they were all his sons or daughters. 


This years reciepient Mr. Jerry Weston Jr. has shown all Mr. Henderson qualities and more using his time, money, and sweat this season to try to ensure the Fury stay a blessing to our community.  



Shamonte "Money" Neal was the most consistent, dedicated, and loyal player for the Flint Fury this season.  His toughness and leadership was in the forefront this season giving a shining example to the young players on the team this season.  He did what the team ask always with pride of being a part of the Fury's organization as a player this season. 


Ray was the brightest young star of the 2021 season.  Injuries prevented him from being the best player of the 2021 season.  The upside is tremendous for Ray and the Flint Fury is grateful to have a young star in Ray this season. 

John is a bright young star that brought energy to the team and to the defense this season.  His efforts at defensive end helped the Fury stay close in many games in the 2022 season.  He was the most dominant defensive person this season and his effort was unmatched.  


Lamar was a force to be reckoned with on that offensive line for the 2022 season.  He was dominant on the run and the pass which helped the Fury stay and win some games this season.  He only miss one game due to family obligations so he has showed great dedication to the Fury and our community this season. 

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