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Change Lives With Us!

Flint Fury Football has been in our community for over 20 years now.  Our group of guys ages range from 18 til you don’t want to play no more 😃.  We not only play football but we have been a main stay in our community.  Over those 20 years we have accomplished many great things.  Every year we have around 60 young men and their families come through our organization.  What that means is we as an organization is a part of the lives of many people in our community.  We have good outcomes and some not so good outcomes with our players and their families.  With your help we can accomplish more great things, as more exposure to community activities, financial programs, mentorship, job assistance, and more….  With these opportunities the players and their families can stay engaged in a positive outlook on life and it will be less likely for negative outcomes .

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In Memory of
Dewayne Love Jr.
Fury 2021-2024 R.I.P.

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